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Night Lite Golf / Friend or Foe

While a pro in Fayetteville for three years straight we held a Night Lite Golf Tournament. Take a clear heavy plastic golf ball and  insert a one inch glow stick into the middle of the ball. For the nine-hole event you also put a glow stick on the top of each flagstick and another into the hole itself. The glow stickswill last about eight hours so you can handle this part pf the preparation early in the afternoon. At about 6pm on Friday you begin your outdoor cocktail party. From 6 until about dark (8pm) you have music and drinks. There would always be merchandise prizes for the top three places. Typically, we would play with two-man teams and include complimentary beverages on each cart. One of my jobs was to make it as safe as possible but with the variables that WE created this was a tall order. The first year was relatively tame. The next year we had two instances where carts ran into each other. Even still it was such a hit the golf board continued to approve it. No doubt this was the most fun of all the events we had each year. Finally there was the third and final year and it was a doozie. Some of our more gaming members began a small Calcutta. In other words every team could be purchased by the team itself and if not then the team went to the highest bidder. This created an element that this game did not need. My fun-loving, let your hair down event soon became a knock down drag out brawl. The third year I had to pull two members apart who were trying to kill each other and had two carts crash into the pond on #15. Needless to say that was the end of Night Lite Golf.

I don’t know if you’ve played before but it is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a driver or a 5 iron the ball will not go more than 180 yards. The other neat thing is that you can’t lose your ball even at night. Hit your ball into the water and you can see it through the water. I consider it a “must do” if you don’t have too much fun before you start. Night Lite Golf is definitely golf from a unique perspective so let your hair down and tee it up in the dark!

Fairways and Greens,

Robert Rowe

PGA Picks

Rob – Tiger to win      Sleeper – Stricker

Bill –  McDowell “G-Mac” to win     Sleeper – Harrington      (feeling kinda Irish this week)


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2 thoughts on “Night Lite Golf / Friend or Foe

  1. Too bad people got so rowdy. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for linking to my post.

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