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Here’s To New Friends…

John Deere 2130 Tractor

John Deere 2130 Tractor (Photo credit: Odalaigh)

I would like to let you know about a conversation that my partner and I had last night. Bill and I have never made any bones about the fact that we are new in the “Golf Blog Genre”.  So realizing that we needed some pointers, we went on a search of a blog that most reflected our mission statement. “A lighthearted read about the game that we love. To show golf the respect that it deserves while sharing the unforgettable moments about the game  that will stay fresh in our memory forever” You know the stories I’m talking about, the ones that you hear over and over but they never get old or boring. Well we finally stumbled upon one of the coolest people on earth. His name is something that sounds like  he should be an action hero – “Tony Carbon”. Come to find out he’s just a regular hard-working guy who enjoys writing about the game that he loves as much as we do. He’s a 21 handicapper (so he says) that shares a common thread with Bill and I when it comes to a golf Blog. We both are having a blast talking about golf. One day if it makes us some money then so be it. But if it doesn’t then no sweat, every day we get to talk about what we love with like-minded golf nuts and make friends for life. That having been said, take a minute and check out my new friends blog called “Duffers Digest”. Just click on I promise you’ll enjoy it!

This week at the John Deere Classic we may not have the strongest field in golf, but with Steve Stricker in the hunt after the first round trying to match the consecutive event record and the fact that TPC Deere Run is one of the most beautiful courses on the planet(in my opinion), I consider it a definite must see. I mean after all let’s digress, we had a “Bubba” win the Masters so why can’t we enjoy a golf tournament where the tee markers are little John Deere tractors!

Long and Straight

Robert Rowe


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2 thoughts on “Here’s To New Friends…

  1. Thanks fellas! Makes me proud to know there are still men of honor in this world! Hats off to you both and I’ll see you on the 19th green!

  2. Reblogged this on Duffers Digest and commented:
    A couple of new friends of mine had some kind words to say about Duffers Digest. I think you should take the time to read their blog!

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